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Jane Railton

I’m from the UK and recently moved to Czech, in January ’19.

I have been a body worker for many years and have been a Holistic Aromatherapist with the North School of Aromatherapy.

I continue to find different tools to help bring about a sense of peace and joy, within myself.

The practice of yoga, through the physical, scriptures and meditation, has supplemented my already existing practice of spiritual reading from Reiki, from my years of training as a Reiki Master and Meditation Practice.

I found it combined with the physical activity of Pilates where I am a qualified Matwork Teacher from the Body Arts and Science International School.

I became a yoga teacher after completing my yoga qualification, with the British wheel of yoga.

I offer space for others to have a massage, meditate, walk, do yoga to bring yourself into the moment.

My classes are for everyone, so you can find your own peace and joy, within every moment. In my free time I enjoy walking, swimming and climbing, as a way of connecting and being present in nature.

I also have an interest in healthy eating and eating right for you, to help your body, mind and soul to be fed.

We enjoy looking at nature to help ourselves, either by using herbs, essential oils or natural ingredients as much as possible.

I am teaching, in English and offering therapies at www.aurelie-centrum.cz and www.wellnessyoga.cz.

Styly jógy:Hatha jóga, Nidra, Relaxační Jóga, Restorativní jóga
Kvalifikace:British wheel of yoga


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