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Castillo Yustin

Yustin found herself inspired to teach after her first encounter with Dynamic Yoga in 2010. She completed the 200hr Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training with Godfrey Deveraux and Olivia Crook in 2012.
Dynamic yoga is a method that can be applied to any style of posture practice. Dynamic yoga is meditation in action. It is a clear, gentle and nourishing method, based on universal actions of yoga posture practice. We access straight forward approach that allows us to progress gently step by step.

We must use movement to recover our inner wisdom: to unite the intelligence of our mind with that of our body. We are in a constant movement, repeating the movements to create new neuromuscular pathways. Softly opening into the shapes and learning to feel the sensations in our body. Systematically reintegrating our major body parts with our primary joints.

By deepening sensitivity to sensations and increasing awareness of body and breath, actions and movements can be refined towards integrity. Integrity of intention, action, impact and awareness are the key to awakening. Yustine looks forward to introducing you to a different approach of yoga posture practice and invites you to inquire in to what is really happening.

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