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Yoga s Mukeshem Kotharim

02.06. - 01.01.1970

Ashtanga Viniyasa

Grounding the practice

10 -12 am

This two and a half hour class will lead to grounding of ashtanga primary
series. The class will be led in nature and dynamic in nature. The primary
series of ashtanga will be undertaken with its pro and cons. The postures
will be grounded well to experience real benefi ts of practice of ashtanga
method. Suitable for those who have prior experience of practice of
ashtanga yoga.

Pranayama and food ritual


6 – 8 pm

A 2 hours class is dedicated to learn proper food ritual and breathing
techniques. Yoga is incomplete and inadequate without doing correct
breathings. Pranayama is core of yoga practice, leading to state of healthy
Prana. Foods give us nutrition but at the same time a wrong diet can harm
Yoga practice and health.

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