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Stay grounded to fly high with Rubina Kamboj

26.06.2016Ne 10:00 - 15:30

Exceptional possibility to share yoga practice with a native Indian teacher Rubina Kamboj from India, Bangalore

Rubina Kamboj, as she calls herself a “being” on the path of Yoga. She is RYT 200 hours and RPYT with other certified courses such as Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Doshas and foundation practices of Hatha Yoga. She has been a self-taught back pain therapist (as she believes most of the times your needs and intuition will guide you more than anything else to bring goodness to life). She got her education from a1000yoga (www.a1000yoga.com), a registered Yoga Alliance school in Bangalore, India.

Learn what to consider for your and others yoga practice (the foundation of Hatha yoga and Ayurveda principles – Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, theory + demonstration). Asanas will lay importance on the foundation of practice: important spine movements for great spine health, grounding principles for stable and deep practice, breath awareness and effect of breath on body and mind, Surya Namaskar with Mantra chanting, Other asanas (standing, balancing, backward, forward, twists and inversions) for making the practice complete, and Pranayama – the ratios and their effect on the mind and deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra. The second part of the workshop will allow you to know yourself through Ayurvedic principles – Doshas to understand what type of Yoga practice (Asana, Pranayama and other practices) are suitable specific to their needs and what not to do to avoid any injuries or other undesirable effects. Who can attend: Yoga teachers, other health practitioners who have been practicing Yoga too, and yoga practitioners who are keen to know more about their practice and have been practicing regularly from past 6 months.

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  • Rubina Kamboj
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Poznámka k ceně:1.990 CZK - both yoga sessions with Rubina kamboj 26/6 + 27/6
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