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22.06. - 01.01.1970

From the perspective of freedom and unity Pranayama is to become completely intimate with the breath. In order for the breath to re-find its natural state of organic and rhythmic freedom, it is helpful if the structure of the body is established in integrity. The habitual patterns of holding, controlling and resisting that often show up in the breath can be seen through and transcended by bringing a continuous sensitivity and open inquiry within the arena of breath/ body synchronization and yoga posture.

Each session of this pranayama intensive will lead participants initially through powerful sequencing and postures that encourage an awakening, opening and gentle strengthening of the body necessary to free breathing. Followed by a deep yet accessible exploration of potent pranayama techniques, concluding with a guided meditation bringing a further elucidation and invitation to intimacy with the breath and therefore life. Participants are welcome to attend one session or all three. All students and practitioners from all styles of yoga are very welcome and can benefit from this intensive.

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