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Jóga a magická Praha

12.10. - 01.01.1970

Akasha is pleased to welcome James Boag back to Praha, a city which has inspired him in his teachings around the world for a weekend workshop which uses the name and magic of our golden, capital city as its frame. James says: “Praha is such a magical name. In Saturday classes we will explore central yoga teachings relating to the threshold or crossing point. With key teachings in the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita as our supporting frames, this will include how we can use our practice to expand our centre of steady ease, creating the platform for more skilful action in all aspects of our life. One of the ways I think of Prague is as the beautiful golden capital of Bohemia, and I associate gold with alchemy and transformation, the purpose of yoga practice. Sunday classes will focus on transformation, and include consideration of the power of forgiveness, what it really means to forgive; what it really means to sacrifice in a yogic context and how the practice constantly invites renewal and rebirth, the purpose of life.”

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