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Iyengar Yoga Workshop – Introductory LevelSemináře a workshopy

04.06. - 05.06.2016So 9:00 - Ne 14:00

This weekend workshop is an introduction to yoga & Chi Kung. It would suit anyone who wants a good grounding in the basics. We will look in detail at the most common poses, and link some together with rhythmic breathing.

A clear and essential foundation in yoga asana (Iyengar Method), concentrating on physical alignment and the therapeutic benefits of yoga via the use of props and supports. Cultivation of an holistic approach to the body and mind with awareness and sensitivity to all eight limbs of yoga

Whether new to Yoga or looking to deepen a well-established practice, In this workshop our individual approach will ensure that you settle into the practice with ease and at your own pace.

Yoga Asana is complimented by and integrated with Pranayama (the art of breathing), Active meditation, Chi Kung and Chanting.


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  • Prashant Tewatia
Podmínky rezervace:online z rozvrhu: http://bindu-yoga.isportsystem.cz - See more at: http://www.bindu-yoga.cz/CS/iyengar-yoga-workshop-introductory-level#sthash.5TXlSH5S.dpuf PLATBA: Záloha 40% ceny (tj. 1400 Kč či 1000 Kč při slevě) na č.ú.: 2107703573/2700 (do poznámky „iyengaryoga_příjmení”), zbytek hotovostně ve studiu v den workshopu - See more at: http://www.bindu-yoga.cz/CS/iyengar-yoga-workshop-introductory-level#sthash.5TXlSH5S.dpuf
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