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Hatha Yoga – flow through the MandalasKurzy jógy


Feel your body and energy with Hatha yoga flow in a practice that directly connects you to your heart! Reach, pulse, curve and breathe your bodymind and soul with the help of the Mandalas! The Mandalas grow in us like flowers! Each ‘Mandala-flower’ is a group of Hatha yoga asana with infinite variations to grow around it like petals! Based on the Freedom of the Mukti Mandala students are encouraged to release their spine and pelvis, trust their feeling, and intuitively soften their boundaries to allow for ecstatic stretch. The practice offers a ‘take-away’ gift to students for their home-practice. Yoga flow through the Mandalas becomes a moving meditation, absorbing the mind, tracing the stretch, and naturally unlocking tight parts of the body. Free your individual wave’s energy to communicate back into the Ocean! Inspiring teaching supports you to feel and continue this ancient tradition of being a Yogi.

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  • Ivana Haluzová
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