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Happy Hips

24.01. - 01.01.1970

Every yoga pose (asana) and most of our daily movements address the mobility of hips. Ideally, the pelvis forms a firm, yet mobile foundation for the spine while the hip joints serve as a “communications centre” between the lower and upper body. A healthy range of motion in the hips provides us with ease of movement on our way through life.

The Happy Hips workshop will explore why weak and tight hips are as much hindrance to us on and off the mat as over-flexible hip joints are. You will learn what a coordinated and genuinely 3D movement is and how human anatomy reflects universal movement principles. Together, we will go through some basic principles of healthy hip movement, pelvic floor exercises and a set of yoga asanas encouraging optimum mobility in the hips. Hips generally provide us with much resistance and feedback, giving us a wonderful opportunity to pay attention and learn how to perceive sensations in our body. Healthy hips allow our spine to rise and lengthen, positively influencing our posture, the entire body and even our mind.

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