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Find your inner happiness yoga workshop

30.10.2016Ne 13:30 - 16:30

Workshop s Aleks Nikolic. Přijďte si odpovědět na otázky vašeho štěstí a otevřít se věcem, které děláte s radostí a nechat být to co není potřeba.

How can I feel every day more positive and full of joy?
How can I feel more light and grateful instead of stressed and worried?
How can I take more time for myself, my needs and interests and explore more like a child instead of feeling the pressure to always be fast, better, do more?
How can I learn to set boundaries, say no, balance my head and heart?
How can I finally speak my truth honestly and follow my intuition?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, in this workshop you’ll take time just for yourself and explore the different possible answers. The only thing you’ll bring is your openness and time.

Through different playful asanas (active yoga poses), pranayama, meditations and different empowering exercises you’ll create positive energy, lightness and balance for your every day life. You’ll let go of things that you don’t need anymore and you’ll have time to feel whatever wants to be felt.

We will have fun, be creative, play, connect and share with each others.
And all of this you can take practically home in your every day life.

Why am I teaching this workshop?

I believe that a positive attitude to life and reconnecting to what our soul and heart need will make our lives easier, much more positive, lighter and more enjoyable. I always try to come back to my inner child which is just curious and grateful about life… you know the one who just wants to play and enjoy.  I believe that nowadays we focus too much on the outside and how society is telling us that we’re only worth if we do more, faster and compete to be better… for me this is bulsh***. Why can’t we not just be us? Listen to our personal needs and pace? Well, we can and that’s why I created this workshop – to let you experience again how it is to feel lighter, grateful and full of joy.


Ready to experience your own personal adventure? I don’t promise it will be always easy. But… You’ll learn a lot and find more meaning in your life.

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  • Aleks Nikolic
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