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Diagonals in the Body: Evolution of Twists – Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Boris Georgiev

27.04. - 29.04.2018Pá 18:00 - Ne 15:00

This workshop offers fresh insight into the asana practice of ashtanga yoga.Participants will explore and research vinyasas (movement between postures) and asanas from a perspective of a/symmetries and diagonals in the body/movement.

Rotation is the most complex and complicated movement in the body. How to understand and experience diagonals in the body and how to translate it into movement of the spine?  Do you know that there is much more twisting in primary series then Marichiasana C and D? Do you know that your spine rotates while walking? Come and learn about twists and deepen your practice!

Boris Georgiev belongs among most interesting ashtanga yoga teachers in Europe. He is settled in Vienna, where he opened first ashtanga yoga studio in german speaking countries. His approach to ashtanga yoga is based on searching for natural flow (i.e. movement that goes through the centre, efortless movement)

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  • Boris Georgieve
Poznámka k ceně:Acroyoga... 450 CZK, Mysore... 450 CZK, 2,5 hrs block... 700CZK, 3 hrs block ... 850 CZK.
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