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Back (To) Basics

31.01. - 01.01.1970

Do you suffer from occasional or chronic back pain? Are you new to yoga, enjoying your practice but sometimes leaving class with a sore back? Have you practiced for a while but still experience discomfort in your back in some poses? Do you wonder how to integrate the therapeutic effects of yoga into your daily life?

The Back (to) Basics workshop will look at why people suffer from back pain, what we can do in our yoga practice to prevent it, what to include and avoid in our yoga practice, and how to incorporate some important back care principles into our daily lives.

We will focus on the main principles of mindful movement and breathing to develop strength and flexibility. You will learn the fundamentals of structural alignment for a healthy back and recovery from back pain. We will explore how core and breath awareness can become a gateway to deeper inner work bringing about tranquillity, mental balance, and clarity.

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