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Back Bending in steps with bandhas



Back Bending in steps with bandhas 2.5 hours workshop.

Learn in steps secrets of safe and efficient back bending. Back bending is considered as one of an advanced feature within yoga asana world. Back bending also encounters mental challenges and fears toward its practice. Hatha Yoga practices have recognized spine as an essential aspect of human life.

This workshop will help you to understand the anatomy of back bending, breathing patterns and psychological aspects attached to it. Spine provides the framework for healthy body and vertebral joints mechanism to unlock back uses special Krama based back bending sequence.

“You are young if your spine is young” – Hatha Yoga pradipika

For whom this workshop is recommended?
1. Regular yoga practitioners.
2. People with stiffness in spine and spine injuries to learn safe mode of bends.
3. People with stiff joints such as Hips and wrist.
4. Who are look

ing to learn flying methods to master advance postures such as scorpion and
variations of peacock.
5. Wants to improve their lungs capacity.

The workshop consists of:
1. Daily home practice sequence to open back and to increase back flexibility.
2. Techniques to warm up and to advance back bending’s.
3. Unlocking hip opening methods to enhance back flexibility.
4. Training the core muscles for back support.
5. Practice and application of bandhas.


Yoga for Spine (Lower back and scoliosis)and pranayama 2 hours

Taking our spine class to a new level. 120 minutes of therapy yoga for spine will be entirely focused on scoliosis.

The class contents:
We offer this course under a particular class category, 90 minutes will be dedicated with the spine yoga sequence mainly meant for students with scoliosis. Anatomy and healing steps would be explained during this intense 90 minutes class. Scoliosis requires the practice of yoga in a different approach so that it can be safe and efficient in managing discomfort.

For whom?
1. People with spine issues.
2. People with back pain.
3. Beginners who want to start yoga.
4. Regular spine students
Class level: Beginners (therapeutic)

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