Školení restorativní jógy


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Ancient Scriptures, Eastern Wisdom & the Path to Freedom

01.08. - 01.01.1970

This 3-day intensive will explore Eastern philosophy, starting from the oldest texts—the Upanishads — and the most ancient philosophy — Samkhya.
The Upanishads are inspirational insights of sages, recorded in Sanskrit, often in verse, from thousands of years in the past. Samkhya is the first systematic Eastern philosophy from which all others, including the teachings of the Buddha, take their origin.
From here we will move on to yoga psychology, based on the most definitive work on yoga, the Yogasutras of Patanjali.
Then the Bhagavad Gita will be summarized and important sections explained. A complex composition of 700 verses, with many facets, the Bhagavad Gita is above all a work on yoga that offers many practical insights.
Finally, we will delve into the connections of the Dhammapada, the iconic text encapsulating the teachings of the Buddha, with the Yogasutras and Samkhya.

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