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Acrobalance and Yoga Course – trust, conection and playfulnessKurzy jógy


During this course we will combine the dynamism and playfulness of acrobatics with the body awareness and basic principles of yoga posture practice. If you are curious to see how life feels like when you are upside down, then join one of our open class. You will be surprised to find yourself in poses you‘ve never thought you could, but yes you can. We will be working in building trust in the other, learning to let go and be moved by our partner and to learn how to move the other. This will also enable you to explore the relationship between both. It will be mainly worked in groups of 3 people, base, flyer and spotter, so that we all learn how to fly and fall, how to base and move, and combine this knowledge by spotting and provide a safe space to the practice. You are welcome come with a partner, but you don’t need to have one, we will often encourage you to switch as there is much knowledge to be gained in changing from time to time.

Working in groups and with partner, will not only show you how your body and mind are responding to different movements and practices, but also give you the opportunity to reconnect with your inner child, to play and explore.

Course will be lead in Czech and English.


17.9. + 24.9. open classes (price 210 CZK / person)

8.10. – 17.12. course (11 lessons)

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