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Acharya Venkatesha and Acharya Hema coming to PragueKurzy jógy

25.05. - 29.05.2016St 8:30

9-ti denní intenzivní kurz, s učitelem, za kterým bych šla půl světa (a šla jsem již několikrát), vy si cestu zkraťte a přijeďte do Prahy na tento výjimečný seminář, pokud můžete plných 9 dnů, pokud ne, zkuste aspoň víkend.


Atmavikasa Intensive: Returning to the roots.. ancient techniques for an energy-rich future.

It is a well-established fact that a consistent Yoga practice enhances health. But, what many people do not know is that, many undue, unscientific modifications that are being done to the classical Yogic techniques in the name of modernism, can actually damage the body. Unless, we practice the Yogic techniques mindfully and in depth, we cannot reap their complete benefits or undo the damages that are being done to the body and mind anyway through stress, improper diet, pollution and most importantly, TIME!!!!

We dedicate this intensive to teach you the undiluted classical Hatha yoga techniques in a futuristic manner. You will learn how to practice in a way that doesn’t damage the body. Moreover, we will teach you how not to practice- if you wish to avoid injuries. You will learn to differentiate between the good and the bad pains.

You will also learn those techniques, which can safely enhance your flexibility and deepen your practice skills. At the same time, you will also understand to heal your old injuries and fill Prana in every single cell of the body.

We assure you that a consistent and mindful practice of what we teach you these five days will prevent and even reverse many health issues that might arise in the future.  It will make you look and feel Younger and healthier in the long run.

All levels of practitioners are welcome to this Prana-enriching, futuristic, health-assurance intensive being taught by the teachers who have mostly not spent even a single penny on drugs or doctors during the past twenty Years.

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Studio:Karma Yoga (5)
  • Acharya Venkatesha and Acharya Hema
Poznámka k ceně:PRICE: Options: 1. One weekend: 130 EUR early bird, 150 EUR regular 2. Both weekends: 250 EUR early bird, 290 EUR regular 3. Five week days: 300 EUR early bird, 350 EUR regular 4. One weekend + five days: 420 EUR early bird, 480 EUR regular 5. Full 9 days: 530 EUR early bird, 620 EUR regular 6. Stand alone days: 80 EUR per day (no matter when you register) 7. Weekend plus stand alone days: 130 EUR + 75 EUR per day (early bird), 150 EUR + 80 EUR per day (regular)
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Saturday 25. 4. – Sunday 3. 5. 2015

8.30–11.15: Asana
11.45–13.00: Meditation, chanting/Philosophy
8.30–11.15: Asana
15.30–16.45: Meditation, Philosophy/chanting



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