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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh IndiaKurzy jógy


If you are planning to join the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Ekam Yogashala, you may wonder if there are special preparations that you need to make before joining this 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India course. The simple answer to that is Yes and No, both. Well, because you do not have to be an expert in various forms of yoga or join some classes for yoga before joining the Yoga Teacher Training Course.

All you need is a regular practice of yoga at your home for at least 3 to 4 months before you join the teacher training. It is helpful in avoiding any jerks and strain to your body due to sudden physical activity.

Apart from that, pack for essentials such clothes and medicines that you may or may not get in Rishikesh. Apart from that there is no preparation to be made. All you have to do is look forward to a life changing experience which you are about to welcome in your life.

Affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA Ekam Yogashala is the best place for the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh and it will make you competent to conduct classes of your own. Just book your seat without any second thoughts as the admissions for the next 300-hour YTTC are open. The session will be held from 9 th Oct to 6 th Nov in the 2019th

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