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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India MayKurzy jógy



From yogis practicing on the riverbank of the holy Ganges to the tempting trails of the giant Himalayas, the holy land of Rishikesh has everything a Yoga aficionado longs for. One of the few places on earth maintaining a pleasant climate and aura throughout the year, the town of Rishikesh is blessed with boundless beauty and spiritual heritage. Renowned as the globe’s Yoga capital, Rishikesh has been the center of Yogic knowledge since time immemorial. 200 hour Yoga TTC by 200hrsyogattc.com in Rishikesh is the perfect opportunity to acquire the foundational skills of the holistic science in the lap of Himalayas. Take the primal step to becoming a Yoga Alliance recognized Yoga teacher and a sincere practitioner with our 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India.

Date: 07 May – 04 June 2018

About the Course:

Take your first step towards the Yogic-mountain with this intensive month-long course. The program is designed in a highly sophisticated manner to enlighten your soul along with gaining the structural knowledge of Yoga. The training marks the advent of spiritual and physical cognizance within the students. Have a look at the core highlights of the program:

• Practice and teaching of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. These two are the most ancient and traditional Yoga styles and the inspiring stones for the growth of various other styles.
• Training of Adjustment and Alignment techniques to perform the asanas without injury and with perfection.
• Understand the Human Anatomical structure and its implication on a Yoga practice.
• Witness complete immersion into the colossal ocean of Yoga during the Meditation sessions. Deep meditation practices such as Yoga Nidra to unify the body, mind, and soul.
• Breath-based training such as Pranayama. Know the immense importance of breathing while performing the asanas. During the sessions, you’ll also be taught the benefits of every Yoga asana.
• The road to becoming a good Yoga teacher starts from our Teaching Methodology sessions. Know the characteristics a Yoga teacher possesses and practice those by taking your own demo classes under our teachers’ guidance.
• Yogic cooking classes, Yoga Dance, Chair Yoga, and Laughter Yoga
• Excursions and visits to local towns and sites.

Food and Accommodation

The highly fertile land of Rishikesh offers a wide variety of green vegetables, fruits, and cereals. Lashed with a fully vegetarian and sattvic composition, the food served at our ashram is cooked by Ayurveda-mastered chefs. A perfect abode for the aspiring yogis, our center is blessed with the magnificent views of the blessed Himalayas and viridescent garden spaces. Available at private and sharing basis, rooms are spacious, airy, furnished with all the basic amenities, along with a private seating area for relaxation.

Location: Jonk Village, Swargashram, Rishikesh.

Fee Details: For shared rooms: 1350 USD and for private rooms: 1500 USD

Secure your spot with a payment of just 200 USD by visiting our website: www.200hrsyogattc.com

About 200hrsyogattc: Founded by a team of serious Yoga enthusiasts and teachers, 200hrsyogattc.com provides authentic information regarding the best Yoga schools, locations, and courses across India. Our chosen school, Rishikul Yogshala is one of the world’s leading Yoga Alliance affiliated Schools, backed by their excellence in the field of Yogic training and yoga retreats.

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