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Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal in April in 2019Kurzy jógy

07.04. - 04.05.2019


Enchant yourself amidst sheer magnificence by commencing a voyage to a place that boasts of beauty, harmony and divinity. Travel to the paradisal land of Nepal in the spring season to experience the nature in its best form. With yoga teacher training certification in Nepal, witness the Himalayan beauty that scatters its devotional brilliance and is assorted with the mesmeric charm of scenic view all around. On this ancient land, amidst the meditative ambiance bless yourself with the yogic wisdom of the ancient art in its purest and intensified form with 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Mark the first step towards the epitome of the yogic study to experience complete transformation, inner bliss and unification with the divine.

Program Description

Nepal is a renowned yogic land that promises to bestow the profound and authentic learning of yoga and its various aspects. Take a step towards your passion and love for yoga, and become an evolved practitioner with 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal.


• Understand the true meaning of yoga through theories and historical learning with Yoga Philosophy.

• Get acquired with the practical knowledge of ancient art and get introduced to traditional yoga forms – Hatha and Ashtanga.

• In the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas attain utmost peace and calmness with the practice of Meditation.

• Control the breath and sync it with your movement by practicing Pranayama.

• Explore the yogic science and have a profound knowledge of the human body with Yoga Anatomy session.

• Correct the yoga postures and practice them safely with Adjustment and Alignment training.

• Heal with Ayurveda and live a healthy lifestyle with the training of Ayurveda cooking and other therapies.

• Turn into a refined teacher and attain knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of a trainer with Teaching Methodology class.

• Enhance spiritual energy with Mantra Chanting, gaining knowledge of Aum and reading the ancient yogic text and spiritual scriptures.

• Learn the techniques of yogic purification with Shat Kriya. Also know about Chakras, Bandhas, Mudra and more.

• Relish the facilities of excursions and visits to multiple quintessential places of natural, historical, spiritual and adventure importance.

Accommodation and Food

Yoga Training Nepal believes in a successful training course which can only be complete with a pleasant yogic stay and soul-nourishing food. We are here to accommodate our students at comfortable rooms for a well-rested stay, where they can have a peaceful sleep and wake up to the first glimpse of the scintillating crescent of the sun coming behind the Himalayas. The rooms are clean and hygienic and are well-embodied with modern amenities and facilities. You will be provided highly nutritious delectable meal thrice daily with herbal drinks, freshly prepared by our trained Ayurveda chefs. The food is completely vegetarian and follows Ayurveda cooking pattern for good health.

Fee Details

• Shared Room $1700 USD for 200 Hour
• Single Room $1900 USD for 200 Hour

About Yoga Training Nepal

Yoga Training Nepal is an international platform for yogic nomads who desire to have a rejuvenating experience amidst the serenity of Nepal. Have a fascinating yogic experience at yoga teacher training certification in Nepal, and we as a team take an immense pride of bestowing the best to you. For the yoga enthusiasts across the world, we organize Yoga teacher training programs, yoga retreats, tours and more to make the experience an everlasting one.

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