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Ayurveda courses in India

07.12. - 21.12.2018


Hail to the land of Kerala and become an Ayurvedic expert with Rishikul Ayurshala’s Ayurveda courses in India. The school has on offer for the curious minds a mélange of Ayurveda courses that are a perfect blend of traditional wisdoms and effective empirical techniques. The experienced Ayurvedic practitioners of the center are there to guide you at every step during the course.

Course Description and Highlights:

From basic awareness on Ayurveda to beauty therapy courses, Rishikul Ayurshala provides the individuals with a wide range of Ayurveda courses in India. Each of its courses is conducted in the land of Kerala — the town enfolding the healing powers of Ayurveda that adds to the authenticity of the courses. All the courses on offer by the center are imparted in a very systematic manner for ideal outcomes.

● Upon completion of the particular Ayurveda course, you get a certification from an affiliated organization acknowledging you as an expert of that specific course.
● Theoretical education and practical training from qualified Ayurveda teachers.
● In-depth learning and understanding of the distinctive features of the course selected.
● Assimilation of Ayurvedic science in an environment that promotes learning and healing.
● Through the programs, gain a deeper knowledge of the body doshas and how to treat each of them.
● At the core of the programs are the usage of herbs, medicines and treatments that are traditional promoting absolute wellness of mind and body.
● An opportunity to embrace and live an Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet patterns during the time period of the course.


The place of Kurakkanni in Varkala, the homeland of beautiful Papanasam beach is the land where Rishikul Ayurshala has been established. The town of Kurakkanni is immensely blessed with clean beaches and breathtaking flora and fauna that paint the town in hues of calmness, beauty, and harmony. Therefore, undergoing an Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala at Rishikul Ayurshala is an internally healing experience.


During the Ayurveda courses in India, the students of Rishikul Ayurshala are accommodated in surroundings where the magic of Ayurveda can be felt. The ashram type accommodation makes for a homely stay with rooms that are kept hygienic and equipped with basic facilities.


Every service in the ashram fosters the spirits of Ayurveda and so does the food served at the ashram. Each meal is prepared with organically produced vegetables and fruits which are further cooked in homegrown herbs and spices in the ashram. The delicacies are purely sattvic in nature ensuring maximum nourishment and prana in the body and mind.

About the School:

Rishikul Ayurshala is an Ayurveda institute on the healthy soil of Kerala. The center is an initiative of leading yoga school Rishikul Yogshala to bring the goodness of Ayurveda into the lives of human beings. Rishikul Ayurshala promises to unveil the hidden secrets of Ayurveda to the people so that they can lead a balanced lifestyle.

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