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Yoga Teacher Training in IndiaKurzy jógy

07.10.2018Ne 12:00 -


India’s relation with Yoga and Spirituality goes back to the Vedic Era when the greatest of sages and saints used to practice the holistic art in search of life’s true meaning. On the spellbinding trails of the Himalayas, by the astounding Ashtamudi Lake and the Holy Ganges, beside the Mundeshwari Devi and Kailashnath Temple, various yogis and scholars received enlightenment. Admired globally as the seed of knowledge, the sacred land welcomes you to a Yoga TTC in India with 200hrsyogattc.

Event Description:

200hrsyogattc conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in all three versions- 200, 300, and 500 Hour YTTC. 200 and 300 Hour training are each month-long programs, while the latter one lasts for 60 days, constituting the 200 Hour training in the first half and 300 Hour in the second half. The events offer Yoga Alliance certificates for teaching Yoga globally in particular format after successful completion of the training.

Event Highlights:

• Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, two of the most ancient Yoga styles.
• Study of yoga in practical form in Yoga philosophy sessions.
• Pranayama and other breathing series.
• Mental, physical, and spiritual unification by deep Meditation.
Adjustment and Alignment training to improve the asanas practice.
• Study of the human body internal and external body parts and their effects on Yoga.
• Introduction to the healing science of Ayurveda.
• Complete body and mind purification through Shat Kriyas and Mantra Chanting.
• Teaching Methodology sessions to acquire the qualities of a great Yoga teacher.
• Local sightseeing and excursions to various ancient and spiritual places in India.

Food and Accommodation:

India is the land of a wide array of cuisines influenced by the hundreds of different cultures. Across our centers in India, we offer vegetarian food that is utterly toothsome and wholesome in nature. Our master-chefs prepare delectable platters of yogic food to pamper and nourish the mind and body of the aspirants. Students can ask for vegan meal options too. Our ashrams are located in scenic locations- overlooking the fascinating Himalayan hills in Rishikesh, a few meters from the stunning Varkala beach in Kerala. Garden, fitted with hammocks offer amazing leisure time, while the private balcony by the rooms can be used to witness the magic of nature. Fully-furnished rooms and bamboo resorts sum up the ultimate yogic stay.

Fee Details: For 200 Hour YTTC: 1350 and 1500 USD in Rishikesh, 1650 and 1800 USD in Kerala.
For a detailed description of the fee and programs, kindly visit our website: https://www.200hrsyogattc.com/fee-schedule.html

About 200hrsyogattc: 200hrsyogattc.com is a Yoga portal in India that constitutes information and suggestions about the ideal locations for Yoga, best Yoga schools, Yoga programs, and other yogic details of around the subcontinent. It is created and managed by a group of Yogis. Understanding the need and essence of an ideal Yoga teacher and school, we have chosen Rishikul Yogshala, a Yoga Alliance affiliated global-level school as our training center.

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