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Biomechanics meets energetics with Jules Mitchell

05.11. - 07.11.2020Čt 10:00 - So 18:00

The way we teach modern postural yoga is rapidly evolving. Stay current with continuing education informed by sports science and biomechanics research in this all new continuing education course designed for teachers to further develop their craft. Jules blends sharp intuition with scientifically supported concepts to foster deeper insight into the poses and why we teach them.

Topics include:

  • Learning to read bodies

  • Cueing for individual bodies and how to apply in group settings

  • Optimal tensional integrity using tissue quality as a guide

  • Deviating from conventional yoga alignment instructions when appropriate

  • Directional breathing approaches for visible transformations

  • Biomechanical principles for specific adaptations

  • Utilizing co-contractions and isometrics

  • Deliberate prop placement

  • Sequencing skillful group classes

In this unique asana intensive, you’ll develop proficiency in reading the story that each body tells, build confidence and develop your instinct for identifying who would benefit from which pose variation and why.

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Studio:Akasha (0)
  • Jules Mitchell
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