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Meditation YogaKurzy jógy

02.09. - 18.11.2014

This couse is led in small group of 5 participants and is led in English only. Buddha said: “Make yourself your refuge, walk in the world and be unchained from everything.”The challenges of modern life are enormous. Stress, different kinds of disorders and illnesses in body and mind are the result. Meditation and Yoga are essential to restore balance with-in-your-self. By making use of powerful tools like Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Mantra, this course will give you the opportunity to open up your body for a deeper experience of meditation.

Through this experience, breathing in, breathing out, fully aware of the present moment constantly unfolding, you will clearly see your mind and feel your body. This is Yoga, body and mind working together with great awareness. The course is open to everybody including pregnant women. Every session will be open for discussion and chai after every class.

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  • Iara Martinez
Poznámka k ceně:Price is for 12 classes
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