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Yoga and Creativity’ Retreat on Crete

26.08. - 07.09.2014So 14:09

Combined with Sunshine & Sea, fresh Food & Air in nature and around the ancient monuments of an authentic Cretan village and house!

Yoga practice & Meditation: guided therapeutic techniques from Hatha yoga (asana and pranayam for internal organs, mind stillness), expressive moving meditation to open up to body’s creativity.

Creativity workshops to let your hands unravel any hidden tension, locked emotions and express your heart’s inner… irrespective of aesthetic results.

– Practice locations: ZenZem Yoga Shala and garden; sandy beach; around Ancient Aptera and Castle
– Accommodation: ZenZem traditional Cretan stone house (shared, double for couples, option to camp)
– Nutrition: all vegetarian/vegan meals which we prepare together (Karma Yoga).
– Karma Yoga/ Seva: selfless action to help maintain a clean environment and prepare meals

Free time to rest in between sessions and connect to your inner shifts.

– One day free to explore the area (your expenses)
– Deal with a local tavern for vegetarian dinner (extra reasonable price)

Included in the price:

• 7 Nights accommodation
• 3 Healthy vegetarian meals/ day which we prepare together
• All yoga classes, meditation, chanting and creative activities (twice daily)
• 2-3 transfers to a local beach for recreation and / or yoga practice
• A meditative walk / practice around the ancient monuments and castle
Not included: flight tickets, insurance, to/ from airport, dinner at local tavern (extra reasonable cost), activities & food consumed outside ZenZem

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