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Vinyasa flow yoga intensive workshop

05.07. - 01.01.1970

Vinyasa means to place in a specific or special way. Each variation of movement is linked to the next one by specific transitional movements that are synchronized with the breath. The mind follows the slow and smooth yogic breath thereby unity of the body and mind are joined through the breath. The benefits of yoga are numerous. It improves strength, balance, and flexibility, sculpts and tones muscles, promotes weight loss, cultivates stress reduction and improves mental clarity. It promotes stability, skeletal alignment, while developing skill in action. With a proper yoga practice one finds a more balanced neurological balance helping the body to resist and overcome stress in more positive and productive ways. Emotionally a proper practice can increase one’s self-confidence, empowering the practitioner to achieve what once felt unattainable, and the tolerance of our differences increases as the compassion for the self and others is cultivated through the practice. The increase in a greater awareness of the self and others gives birth to a greater appreciation for life within and around us. Do More Yoga!

Come join Krista for a 2 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Intensive Workshop. Come challenge and heal your body through a rigorous Vinyasa Flow practice, segueing into a Restorative Yoga practice, then transitioning finally into Pranayama and Meditation.

Build a healthier body and feed the local hungry at the same time. Please bring a canned good donation to each class for the local charity.

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