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How to deepen your yoga practice

01.02.2015Ne 13:00 - 17:00

Workshop is aimed at how to deepen your yoga practice. Yoga is a life-time art, practice and also a way of living, Always evolving and changing, as your body change your mind change,as your mind change your practice change.

 If you are a yoga practitioner for 3 months or 3 years or more..and you feel that you would like to move deeper into your practice or understanding of yoga, this workshop will give you the opportunity to explore the waves of your mind when immerse in a long practice, to explore the boundaries of your body and the possibilities available when you create new space in your body-mind to expand, to feel at ease, to move deeper.

 This will also be an space to make questions, to share experiences, to talk, to get empty and put all together again. The workshop will be 2 hours practice, break for tea, talking, answering questions, sharing experiences.1 hour GOING UPSIDE DOWN! facing your fears


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  • Iara Martinez
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