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Jóga tady a teď

02.12. - 01.01.1970

Learn how to progress your yoga practice through the art of deep listening. Jo Kemp is experienced and inspiring teacher teaching within the frame of dynamic yoga method. Read about Jos journey here. During this workshop Jo will enable us to go deeper into our practice in three guided sessions which you can attend individually or as a whole. The content of each workshop is valuable to all students, practitioners and teachers from all yoga styles.

Workshop description:

Friday 2. 12. * 5:30 – 8:30 pm: Becoming softer
This evening session is a deep invitation to relax, feel and connect while moving through a gentle yet powerful sequence of postures. The workshop provides a deeply nourishing context in which students can explore the natural rhythms of the body and develop a deeper trust in its wisdom. This session includes 2hrs of posture practice, a 30min relaxation and sit and may conclude with open dialogue

Saturday 3. 12. * 9:00 – 12:00am: Organic principles
Progress in yoga is a matter of developing and refining our capacity to listen and respond effectively and consistently. When posture practice becomes challenging it is imperative that we have at our disposal a knowledge of the organic principles that prevent us from falling into an aggressive desire driven yoga practice and instead support a compassionate and intimate connection with the inner intelligence of the body. This session includes a 2hr 30min full, balanced and energising posture practice, a 30-minute relaxation/sit and may conclude with open dialogue.

Saturday 3. 12. * 4:00 – 7:00pm: Freeing the breath
In this workshop you will be guided in an intricate vinyasa krama (step by step), which invites a deep release into natural organic breathing. The chosen posture practice will include ullola, soft vinyasa and a gentle opening and nourishing context in which you can explore your individual respiratory capacity, ways you can support that and recognise habitual patterns and there underlying tensions. This session includes 2hrs of posture practice, a 30min relaxation and sit and may conclude with open dialogue.

About the teacher:

Joanne began studying yoga in India in 1989 and teaching in 1998 she is currently the founder/director of the now be yoga space in Sitges, Spain, where she teaches classes, courses, workshops and offers a residential one-to -one mentoring programe for yoga teachers. A passionate and experienced teacher with a wealth of knowledge accumulated from thousands of hours of teaching experience and dedicated study Jo teaches within the frame of the dynamic yoga method to initiate an essence of deep inquiry and cultivate a presence within each student, guiding them to discover a deeper connection to the infinite wisdom, unity and love within. As a keen photographer, traveler, nature lover and mother she has a unique creativity, sharing colourful life experiences and stories which she uses to illuminate the living philosophy at the heart of yoga. Jos website: www.nowbeyoga.com

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