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WORKSHOP ON SHATKRIYA – the Cleansing Techniques

26.08. - 01.01.1970So 12:50

KRIYA Practice has a very important role in spiritual yoga as well as in therapeutical yoga. Kriyas cleanse the internal body as well as positively influencing the ‘pranic’ (the vital sheath) level. The immune system and nervous system get strengthened though this practice which also helps to work on diseases. It influences the mind positively so that it is very effective in psychosomatic ailments like back pain, asthma, hypertension, arthritics, Muscular dystrophy, anxiety neurosis etc. The seminar introduces the detailed theory of kriya and teaches the practices like Sutra nethi, jala neti, netra neti, vamanadhouti, sankaprakshalana etc. It is useful for anyone in any level of yoga as well as to people suffering from psychosomatic ailments.

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