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Beyond Asana Weekend with David Kam

06.09. - 08.09.2019Pá 18:30 - Ne 20:00

What happens when we allow ourselves to move with meaning, from a place of pleasure and curiosity? Join international yoga teacher David Kam over a weekend of venturing beyond asana, celebrating movement as the most primal form of human expression. The weekend will consist both masterclasses and workshops designed to accommodate practitioners of all levels, free to move to our desired scales of expression and intensity.

Full weekend of one Masterclass and three workshops!

If asana were words, vinyasa is poetry. Join David in his signature masterclass which seamlessly threads asana into a rhythmic circular flow. As a community, we will be journeying from the dynamic to the restorative calm, exploring multidimensional possibilities of movement to our desired scales of expression. Celebrate movement from a place of freedom and integrity, whilst honouring our connection towards both the self and surrounding. Open to curious movers of all levels with an open mind.

Early Bird: 800,- up to 10.8. 2019
Price: 900,- CZK

What next when I’m on my hands? This dynamic workshop invites us to explore ways in which we respond to gravity, opening up more possibilities for movement upon entering an arm balance/inversion. Through the notions of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’, we will explore the spectrum of ‘surrender’ and ‘resistance’ both between and within asanas. Dance with and against gravity as we celebrate the journeying aspect of vinyasa mid-flight. Most importantly, studying our responses to the volatile nature of fear as a mirror to how we approach challenges off the mat. Open to curious movers of all levels, particularly relevant to those wishing to safely unblock the advancement of their physical practice. Not suitable for complete beginners.

Early Bird: 900,- up to 10.8. 2019
Price: 1000,- CZK

The practice of yoga does not have to end up becoming yet another piece of labour. Especially as we become more committed to our practice, we tend to forget that it need not be all that serious and that it can still be playful. Play is an ideal state of mind for creativity and learning because the mind is focused on the means instead of the outcome. As a community of players, we will devise our own games, exploring specifically how varying degrees of playfulness can be incorporated within the framework of yoga. Utilising partnerwork and props, we will learn to invoke play in both our own practice and in other. Open to all, but particularly useful for self practitioners and teachers interested in facilitating play and free movement in practice.

Early Bird: 1000,- up to 10.8.2019
Price: 1100,- CZK

The Sunday roast equivalent of this workshop series. Join David in closing the weekend with an indulgent ladder flow exploring the many creative possibilities of mindful journeying between asanas. We will challenge our ability to retain an internal focus within practice through progressive repetition of flows, shifting our attention from thought to feeling. The unique build up of this ladder flow is designed ultimately as a moving meditation, one eventually towards restorative bliss.

Early Bird: 800,- up to 10.8. 2019
Price: 900,- CZK

Learn about David: https://www.davidkamkiawei.com/about

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Studio:Yogamovement Prague
  • David Kam
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