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​Yoga for beginners and seasoned practitionersKurzy jógy

13.09. - 20.12.2017St 18:00 - St 19:15

course is led in small group of students in meditaton room of the studio

This yoga course covers classic yoga poses, breathing techniques and body & breath movement synchronization. The goal of the program is to increase our personal understanding of our bodies. You will learn how to relieve tension and stress from the body using yoga as a tool for it. You will gain strength, flexibility and balance in a joyful and mindful way.

  1. Basic yoga poses and proper alignment.

  2. Breathing techniques (pranayama) basics.

  3. Your core muscles awareness and strengthening

  4. Flexibility – hips, shoulders, back

  5. Fun with joyful childish poses

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  • Olga Bubnová
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